Adding Email to Your Hosting Account

Elk River Web Managed Email Provider

Get a fully managed email productivity suite for your business powered by Google’s excellent G Suite. This service is included in each of our all-inclusive website plans.

Customers that are paying for  one of our regular managed web hosting plans can add the managed email service separately. See our pricing page for more information.

This fully managed solution is best for you if you host a site with us and wish to keep everything underneath one roof, including billing and support. If at any time you need assistance with your email, contact us and we’ll take care of it at no extra charge!

Self Managed Email Provider

If you’ve decided that G Suite doesn’t suit you, or would like to use another provider for any reason, you may do so. For a small setup fee we will take care of connecting your domain with your chosen email provider and, if required, help you get email access set up on your devices.

You’ll be billed by the provider you choose, and you will need to inquire with them for assistance when troubleshooting any problem from within your account. Of course we will still be here to help! But hourly rates may apply.

Email Provider Recommendations

You may have already noticed that we favor Google’s GSuite set of cloud based apps and services. Honestly, our workflow would suffer greatly without it! While the list of email providers is virtually endless, the most reputable alternative to GSuite is Microsoft’s Office365. Pricing is competitively similar to that of GSuite, and the set of apps and services available is nearly identical.

A very important consideration when choosing an email provider is deliverability. Spam, phishing and online scams are a major concern among the big email hosting companies which find themselves increasingly filtering incoming mail and making stricter rules for hosting providers to increase security. 

Google (Gmail, 33% market share) and Microsoft (Outlook, 27% market share) take care of the majority of users’ email hosting, and also offer some of the most sophisticated spam protection and security available.

When choosing GSuite or Office365, the benefit is twofold. You’ll be provided with the most secure and spam free inbox you can ask for, and your sent emails are the the least likely to be lost in recipients’ spam or junk folders. Since your email is being configured and managed by Google or Microsoft themselves, you can be sure that all email you send is adhering to the latest and strictest standards..

Get Started

Whatever you decide, we can help you set up a professional email @ your own domain. If you have any other questions that weren’t covered above, feel free to ask.

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