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Welcome to Elk River Web!

A web design and development company based in Fernie, British Columbia.

Beautiful designs

 Super charge your business with a beautiful website design. All our websites are designed using the mobile first philosophy, so they are guaranteed to work and look great on any device, and have SEO tools built in to ensure your website is selling your brand effectively and converting visitors into customers.  

Unlimited support

Let us focus on what we do best, and you can focus on making your business great. Our monthly subscription provides an all inclusive care plan for your new website. Daily backups, performance monitoring, and security updates. We even include content updates! No need to write code, or fumble around CMS software.  

transparent pricing

Most web designers keep there pricing a closely guarded secret. When planning a website that means you need to contact the company, have a little back and forth, then, after communicating your needs, request and wait for a quote. We’d like to speed things up a little! Our pricing plans are transparent and predictable, and you can view them right now and begin budgeting for your project.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s face it, for a business to be taken seriously in this fast paced modern world full of mobile devices, social media and online marketplaces, it needs to have a website.  One thing we understand however is that the traditional cost of developing a website can be prohibitive if your just starting out.  And once that website is built, you’ll need to set aside some time to maintain and update the content of it. If there is one thing a small business owner doesn’t have a lot of, it’s time.  We know because we’re in that boat ourselves! That’s why we’ve spent a little of our time coming up with new and better ways to put a website within reach of everybody. 

New websites from less than $2 a day! Who has time to wait?

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