Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a monthly plan significantly reduces the start up cost of getting a website. A typical website will cost you any where from $2000-$3000 or more in a one time charge up front. This doesn’t even include hosting, which will run another $20-$50 for something comparable.  All that, and you’ll usually be left alone to update and maintain your website or paying by the hour to hire a developer to make changes for you.

Our monthly plans include web design, hosting, backups, maintenance, website updates and more, all in one affordable package!

We’ll usually have a new website completed within 2-3 weeks, but since every website is unique and receives a custom design, actual completion times vary. It is the clients responsibility to deliver logos, images , text copy, and communications responses in a timely fashion.

Maybe. We take it case-by-case. We are not that fond of cleaning up after others, but you can always contact us to discuss your situation.  In most cases you’ll get a better website by just designing a new one instead of trying to retrofit an existing design. And since you already have images and site content prepared, we will be able to get you a new website delivered in the shortest possible time frame.

Yes. We can register your domain name, or transfer and renew an existing one. Domain name registration for one domain is included in each of our monthly website plans.

Content updates include changing text copy, adding or removing images, changing the logo, tweaking forms, updating products and altering colours and fonts.

This does NOT include structural design changes, building a new website, adding custom functionality or integrating with 3rd party applications. You may still request these updates, but we reserve the right to return a quote for the job requested, or upgrade your plan.

Most simple content changes are made within 24 hours of being requested. Some more complex changes could take longer. We’ll let you know if we require more time.

Your website will no longer be publicly available once your prepaid month of service ends. If you’ve had a minimum of 24 months of continuous  service, you’ll be free to download a copy of your website and database. No files or backups will be provided if the service is cancelled before 24 months. 

No, we don’t charge a cancellation fee, but please note that there are no prorated refunds on cancellations made during the month of prepaid service.

Customers who have enjoyed a minimum of 24 months of continuous service will be free to download a backup of their website and database files. If you have not had 24 months of service, but require a copy of your website, the buy out charge will be equal to the monthly subscription fee times the number of months left in the 24 month period. For example, if you cancel after 20 months, and need to take a copy of your files along, you will be charged for 4 months of the plan you were subscribed to at the time of cancellation. 

After 24 months of continuous service, you can get a completely new website designed for just the price of  a set up fee.

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